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Design System Documentation is a Moving Target

On Tuesday, July 11 at 9am Pacific / 6pm Central European, industry experts Romina Kavcic (Design System Guide), Alberto Calvo (Maze) and Luke Finch (ex-NewsKit) will discuss best practices for updating and maintaining your design system documentation.

We'll explore key topics in this panel, including:

- The best ways to document your design system: Learn how different teams create, manage, and maintain their documentation.

- Discover how to overcome common challenges encountered by design systems teams when updating documentation.

- Gain insight into effective strategies for gathering and leveraging feedback from feature teams about your design system.

Tuesday, July 11th
6 pm CEST / 9 am PDT via Zoom

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Meet the speakers

Alberto Calvo

Alberto is a hybrid designer/developer with over 15 years of experience. He was part of the team responsible for introducing Sketch 3 to the world and has spent the last five years specializing in design systems and operations. He's currently a Senior Manager of Design Infrastructure at Maze.

Romina Kavcic

Romina is an independent design strategist specializing in design strategy and design systems. She worked with brands like, OUTFIT7,, Chipolo, and Databox. She advises, coaches, and consults with companies on design strategy & design systems.

Luke Finch

Luke is a dynamic and versatile creative with a passion for developing exceptional user experiences and systems. He has extensive experience in design systems and a proven track record of success as a consumer, collaborator, and contributor giving him a 360 view of the landscape.

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