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Supernova helps you build, mature, and scale your design system with ease. From powerful documentation to efficient design data management, it's the ideal end-to-end platform that grows with your design system.

Helping companies mature their design systems

Import tokens from Figma or Tokens Studio (Formerly Figma Tokens Plugin)

Now you can push and pull your styles and design token values from Tokens Studio (Formerly Figma Tokens Plugin) and Figma into Supernova, with only a couple of simple steps.

Apply themes

Do more with design tokens thanks to themes. Override your design tokens with one click to change between light and dark mode, iOS and Android, or any other theme and branding.

Document tokens easily

Communicate design decisions in your own way, and share information effectively using built-in documentation. Use different display formats for each type of token.

Export design tokens to code

Export your design tokens to any language or format, and distribute them to your product teams via a managed CI pipeline.

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Azure DevOps

Start managing your design tokens

Unlock the full potential of your design system with Supernova, empowering you to drive innovation, collaboration, and seamless scalability.

Explore more design token features

Token aliases

Reference existing tokens so you don’t need to maintain duplicated hex values across several tokens.

Custom token types

Not just colors and typography, but also tokens for radiuses, spacing, and measures.

Custom metadata for tokens

Add custom metadata to your tokens and have all token-related information in one place.

Scale your microcopy with tokens

Store also text strings for your microcopy as tokens.

Loved by teams of all sizes and maturity levels

Supernova is a tool that really understands the needs of design systems creators. We’ve had no fun in the past working with other tools’ documentation, but that’s all changed now. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and offers many opportunities to scale in the future.

As a single source of truth, it is mind-blowing, efficient, fast, and highly customizable. They also listen to their customers and prioritize their roadmaps to fit their needs which is a great bonus.

Matthias Fritsch

Design Lead

Supernova is the ultimate platform for scaling design systems. Its unique way of bringing all information into a single hyper-connected source of truth allows our small team to work faster and more confidently, covering many of the existing gaps in Figma, automating the most complex parts, and giving us much flexibility.

Alberto Calvo

Design Operations Manager

Supernova has become our go-to place for hand-off between our design and development teams.

From tokens to system-wide documentation, Supernova has become our invaluable source of truth and has created a smoother and more effective process for our teams.

Andrew Rodgers

Design Operations Lead

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Unlock the full potential of your design system with Supernova, empowering you to drive innovation, collaboration, and seamless scalability.